Weather Monitoring and Notification

freeze-alertWe monitor Wales’s weather in partnership with Netweather and using their ‘Freeze Alert Software’, it allows us to notifying you and your businesses of potential hazards for your specific site, ensuring that we create a plan of action to attend and complete a comprehensive gritting application of your business premises/site before your staff and customers arrive.


gritting-lorry-smallWe use the most up-to-date gritting technology on the market which is suitable for contractors.  The gritting machines used ensures correct coverage and that the salt is spread in the most tightest of areas.  With our experience in Winter Maintenance programs for businesses in Wales, we have trialled and tested many gritting machines and have now found the best machines that meet our customer’s requirements.

Hand Push Gritters

hand-pushGritting Wales has several hand push gritters that our staff carry on board with them to complete gritting on path ways.  Albeit conventional bucket and scoops we have always found to be the most practical and effective method !


 Snow Clearance

snow-clearanceGritting Wales has a range of machines for snow clearance purposes from tractors to telehandlers, with the correct attachments we can clear just about anything.




rock-saltGritting Wales is Wales’s leading ‘supplier’ of de-icing Rock Salt and Grit on a ‘business to business’ basis ensuring businesses in Wales remain compliant during the Winter Months. We can deliver Rock Salt and Grit across South Wales.