Business Liability

 Remaining Compliant does not have to cost the world.

Business Liability

“Landowners, landlord and employers all have legal responsibilities to prevent danger from snow and ice (Occupiers Liability Act 1957, The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Work place (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992)”

  • What Happens when the Temperature Plummets to Sub-Zero and the Weather Threatens your Business?
  • Are your Car Parks and Service Ways Safe for your Staff, Customers and Visitors?
  • Have you arranged for a Reliable Winter Gritting Programme to make sure your Property is as Safe as it could possible be?

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) 1992 Act (now including the HSE preventing Slips and Trips at Work Act 2005) states that businesses and companies have a requirement by law to minimise the risks from snow and ice on floor ways and traffic routes. The method of application should be that no person is placed at risk in the application and if a method is available whereby it can be completed more safely, this practice takes president and should be taken.

If you instruct one of your employees to grit your premises and they slip and get injured, and it was found that there is a more professional and safe method of salt/grit application, the courts will support the injured person(s).

The onus is increasingly on the need to demonstrate that reasonable efforts have been made to control possible slip hazards both inside and outside premises.

If your premise’s are not gritted you may encounter:

  • Business having to be closed with the potential of affecting your reputation.
  • Not being able to meet your contractual agreements with customers.
  • Targets not being met.
  • Loss of Revenue.
  • Staff, Customers and Visitors not being able to enter your premises.
  • Potential claims from both employees and visitors if accidents occur.

In a business environment of increasing litigation and regulation, can you afford not to adequately provide for the safety of your staff, customers and visitors?

Gritting your premises gives you the peace of mind that you have carried out everything possible in keeping your business open and more importantly safe.

Gritting does not entirely eliminate risk and people have duty themselves to use a common sense approach in the way they drive and walk etc, nevertheless it reduces risk and safeguards yourselves that at least you have carried out everything you could have carried out in a legal and structured manner.